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Can I break the contract and go home?

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Our answer is yes.  

You come to Korea with a lot of expectations, but sometimes things happen that you can't imagine. They happen differently from the contract. 

His working hours were from 1-9 pm on the contract, but he had to teach kids at 10 am after arriving. He felt really bad about it. He talked to his coworkers, but they couldn't help him. He thought it was an insoluble problem and ran away at night. It happened two weeks later after he arrived. 

As you know, he prepared documents, received visas and had a week of training. He  had to buy the ticket home. It costed a lot of money and time. The school also had huge damages.

 Was it a right decision? What would you have done?

It's good to ask your colleagues for shopping and food information, but if you have any contract-related problems, you should talk to your recruiter. The school broke the contract. They were really bad. If something had changed, they should have asked for consent. 

If there was enough communication, this problem would have been solved. The school was wrong, but as a result, the teacher made the wrong decision. Efforts are needed to maintain a good relationship.

Most teachers are getting along in Korea.

There are many teachers who come to Korea and marry Korean, have babies and live happily. 

It cannot be fully appreciated unless it is experienced and you welcome all the new adventures you encounter with open arms, no matter how odd they may seem in comparison to what you may be accustomed to. You should learn how to adapt to different diets and climates. 

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