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She had to quit the job because of the housing.

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A few schools provide the housing just above floor the academy building. Sometimes the director and the children suddenly visit the house. The private life was not guaranteed. She wanted to quit the job because of this even though she likes people and other conditions. When she searched for the new school, the most important factor was accommodation. Since the school was unable to rent a new house, they helped her move to another school through a sufficient conversation with her.

 When you arrive in Korea, you may not like something. If you find a problem, you have to find a compromise.

Furnished accommodations are usually provided and included in your contract. Nowadays most schools provide a nice studio apartment. In general though the housing will vary widely from place to place. The distance to the school is usually not too far. If it's not within walking distance, it will only be a short bus or subway ride away.



The living room in three bed room apartment. It is usually for a couple or two friends

Most homes have ondol heating. That means that hot water is heated in a boiler and circulated in the floor. This is very nice. If you lie on the floor you feel warm. The showers are also fed by the same boiler and if the boiler is off it may take a couple of minutes to heat up. The newer the house is the better it is. Old houses tend to be drafty and cool and the water takes longer to heat up for a shower. Newer places are very nice and can get extremely hot if you adjust the boiler temperature too high. Linoleum is used through the house as carpets are viewed to be unhealthy. Cooking is done on a cooktop and very a few people have ovens. In the smaller apartments the bathrooms will have only a toilet (western style) a sink and a shower head that empties into a drain in the floor. 


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