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Why a school needs a teacher ASAP?

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English academies in Korea is kind of business. 

They hire about 1-10 native English teachers depending on their size.

The contract is generally for a year.

There are some teachers who have extend the contract and works more than a year. However,  unexpected things happen during the contract or Living in Korea is not as good as expected.

Here are some reasons to go back home or transfer the visa to another school.

1. Pay ( If school doesn't pay on time)

2. Lack of teaching skills ( Can't control the kids)

3. Housing ( Poor housing conditions)

4. Food ( Doesn't like Korean food)

5. Culture shocks

6. Illness, Emergency,, etc.

7. Changing mind

When teachers leave without completing their contracts for these reasons, schools urgently seek substitute teaches. However, it's not easy to find a teacher who can come right away. Coworkers will take classes and work overtime. 

All damages go to school, the remained teachers and students. Also the schools get complaints from the parents. 

It's already mid-April, but some schools are still looking for teachers who can start in May 1st and June.  But there are a lot of teachers are looking for September positions. 

This is the most difficult part during the process.


When we match schools and teachers, we find that the start date is the hardest part. 

Some schools need a teacher tomorrow.

In general, a school wants you to come sooner, and you can't come because the documents are not ready. 

Even though you want to come ASAP, you can't come without them. 

Most documents can be prepared very quickly except CRC( Criminal Background Check). 

Therefore, we suggest you should apply for criminal background check as soon as you decide to teach in Korea 

or when you apply for the job. This is because it takes longer than other documents..

For Americans, Please use a FBI-approved channeler to expedite CRC.

The FBI CRC can take 2 months through the FBI office. We do not recommend this. 

And then please use an apostille company.( US Legalization or US Authentication)

It takes a week to apostille your CRC.

If you live near the Dept. of State, you can get your CRC apostilled in person. It takes 2-3 days.

There is a way to arrange it quickly. Other nationalities should check with the E2 visa menu. 
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