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I was hurt by the students.

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One of our teachers was hurt by kids and quit her job. They teased her that she is fat all the time.

She treated the children emotionally and could not bear it.

When children act rude, you often feel insulted. 

You don't have to react too sensitively to a child's words and behavior. 

Speak firmly not to say bad words, and ask Korean teachers for help.   

Some of the children behave well, get their work done and are active in class.

Several of them cannot pay attention for more than 10 seconds, and are disruptive throughout the class.

Some teachers have difficulty controlling the kids and the classes take a lot of energy as kids like to run around 

in class and shout or swear. You should be ready for these kids.

Note that in class shorter 5-10 min videos are better as you want to have time to discuss the video after as well as hand out typed scripts for reading and acting. Songs,chants are cartoons are very helpful.

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