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What's Korean Teen's food culture?


Many Korean teenagers enjoy digging up for some food and they dare to ask you to buy some, sometimes. I will tell you about school cafeteria, snack shop, and most of all, chicken!


Firstly, school meals.






Most school provide well-organized meal at least one or twice a day. However, there are overly repeated menu as yours. Also, students who came to eat late can’t have their share.


Most secondary schools in Korea have snack shops which sell snacks such as ice creams, bread, ra-myeon, confectionery and beverages.



Lastly, it's chicken.


The most favorite food among Korean Teens is chicken. They eat it everywhere, in school, after school, at the park, on the beach, and at home, not to mention at various case of party or social gatherings. Our statistics say every Korean eats 60 chicken a year. WOW!




These a few food culture of Korean Teens. Spending most of their time at school, they buy and eat some everywhere they go and of course, throwing away trash at not-right place. But remember, Eat right, and Stay healthy!

What Korean Teens worry most; Useful tips when you teach them?



(Extracted : National Statistical Office (NSO))


1. Study


What they say - We are not a studying machine. Please respect what we want to do. We want to live a place where students aren't be evaluated by rank. However, some parents push their child to study hard and compare with others.




Korean Teens have to study in order to have good grade in College Scholastic Ability Test (colloquially known as Soo Neung(수능), only be taken once a year, and get an intensive training. So to speak, almost of all Korean educational curriculum are designed to accomplish for that.




2. Family and Friends





We are too busy to talk with family and friends. We want friends and family who can help us to endure our storming period - puberty, but There are few friends or family to counsel their troubles. There are some counseling centers for teens,

but It is hard for them to access to those organizations. Sometimes, foreign instructors at private or public schools have difficulty time in dealing with their problematic behaviors.

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