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Moving to Korea seem like an expensive decision, though you get paid with air ticket. Resisting the temptation to turn every day into a shopping spree can be challenging when virtually every street is lined with clothing and beauty stores, restaurants and cafes. For those of us living on a budget it is easy to feel restricted, but here are some tips to use. 





Free Samples


Most cosmetic stores offer free samples when you make a purchase even when don't. In time these will add up on your basket and will save you a lot of money. as you can use them instead of repurchasing products. If you get lucky, we will be given while walking on the street, or at the newly opened store. If you don't know how to get one, just ask for it.



Banchan; side dishes


Grocery cost will quickly take a toll on your budget. In order to fill your stomach and stay within a budget, don’t forget to make good use of the free side dishes, BANCHAN, provided at most Korean restaurants.





These side dishes are refillable with no added cost so if you are still hungry, make sure you know how to ask for more. (need to know a few words for that) Usually, side dishes are vegetable-based, such as kimchi which most restaurants serve.




Points or membership Cards




Point cards (or reward cards, or membership cards) are popular amongst Koreans as it helps them save extra money on purchases from various sources. With these cards, you can receive discounts, get updates on special events, and even receive free gifts. Being a member of the point card system opens you to special discounts as well as information on special promotions. For every different cards, we will follow you with more posting about how to use and get them


Free outdoor Activities


Most temples and museums are free or charge a small entrance fee. You can enjoy a day packed full of activities without breaking the bank just by selecting free or cheaper things to do.




Outdoor activities such parks and gardens are also a great choice for those on a budget without missing the beauty of Korea. Visit Korea Tourism official website to get a head start.





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