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Sick in Korea? Don't worry!

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It is perfectly fine for you to go to hospital once you have an insurance coverage which will be provided through your contractor. Korean health insurance is fairly well designed with minimum charge.



Korea has one of the most modern and developed healthcare sectors in Asia. It has numerous medical facilities, both public and private, that provide first class levels of care and treatment. Medical staff are all highly trained and experienced, and the treatment and services available throughout the country are close to international standard.


You will have unrestricted access to health facilities when treatment is necessary and are required to join the national health insurance scheme shortly after their arrival in the country.Healthcare in South Korea is dominated by the National Health Insurance Program (NHIP).



You will be benefited with various vaccinations, regular health check-up. Almost of all medical services are based on the up-to-date technology, particularly dental care with affordable price.


A regular doctor's visit may incur no more than $10 including prescription, All surgery will be covered with your insurance up to 90% plus hospitalization. Regarding to prescribed medication Korea hospital and drugstore carry every kind of types from all over the world.

Koreans usually go to the hospital for everything. It's cheap and efficient. They go to the doctor and get antibiotics because they will prescribe you some antibiotics. If you're not a person like taking pills, bring your own some Alka-Seltzer, Advil Tylenol or pain reliever. 

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