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7 useful must-have apps for your smart phone in Korea

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They will help you out from uncomfortable situations. 

As a mobile-driven society, Korea has developed an impressive number of amazing apps that make your lives so much easier on a daily basis. Many are dependent on their phones as to everything. 

1. KakaoTalk App  


KakaoTalk is an absolute must-have as everyone has this app in Korea, as it is as well an instant message as paying, sending files or even calling to your partners with no charge incurred. You can rely on the flawless Wi-Fi coverage in Korea to help you save both time and money. KakaoTalk also provides you with deals, coupons or upcoming sales.


2. Jihachul (Subway) App


When you want to know where you are about, especially in Seoul, it should be #1 tool. It helps you to navigate through the 18 lines of the Seoul Subway on your itinerary. Just tap your starting and destination, and it will give you the quickest and inexpensive way to get there. 


3. Visit Korea App


Visit Korea is a very convenient and well-thought out app from the Korean Tourism Office. It takes the Korean Tourism Organization website (the first Google result whenever you search for tourist related information in Korea) and compacts it into an app.


4. Naver Map App


For you is Google and as Naver is to Koreans. Naver has dominated almost of all searching tools among Korean. It will provide you the most detailed maps then Google y on the country’s interactive map applications. It is more detailed than Google Maps coming with an extra option that allows you to download the maps beforehand. Bear in mind all information is not written in English.

5. KakaoBus App


Sometimes, a bus stop is much closer or cheaper solution for you than subway. Besides, while taking the bus, you can enjoy scenery outside.  

Search any bus number or any stop to get all the information you need. This app will tell you the location and route of every bus, as well as the estimated arrival time at your bus stop. 


6. Korail App


If you are planning on touring the country, the best option is to get a Korail Pass, offered for travelers in a certain time of period and fairly discounted priced. Although this app is only available in Korean, you can easily find out someone who can punch your departure, arrival with your favorable time.


7. Yogiyo App


If you want some snack in the middle of the night, or new to Korean food, this is perfect for you. he best feature is the “category sorter” that you can use to find the perfect food to fit your mood. You can choose between Korean, Western, Japanese, Mexican and many others. You can also read recommendations and reviews for every restaurant. Plus, there is no delivery charge. A must!



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