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Finally, we are back in 2019

When you decide to go abroad, you will be excited, but you feel scared, too. 'Is this the right decision? Could there be another choice? Is it realistic?' After placing a lot of teachers at schools and going through recruiting experiences, the concept for the E2Korea.com was born. We feel strong responsibility for our teachers. We think our role is really important and try to make a right decision for my teachers all the time.

We think our role is really important and try to make a right decision for my teachers all the time.

A lot of English language institutes has been opened continuously since 20 years ago because of the desire and need of English education. In the past, the native English speakers were sent directly into the classroom without orientation. The teachers don't get any training in how to conduct classes, discipline children etc. We are just given a book and told to "go teach". No class objectives, no time plan, nothing. Therefore, there were a fair amount of concerning reviews online. These scared you and make you hesitate to accept the offer.

However, nowadays the school directors can speak English very well. If they don't, they hire someone speak English as well. They have been trying to resolve issues with teachers without any language barriers. Also they treat the teachers fair and offer good working environment.

Korea is still developing in many fields. Native English teachers may find that some of the rules are strange. People who can appreciate and embrace these small but important differences will probably enjoy their time. It is also advisable to closely check into a school by talking to the other foreign teachers and closely reading the contract to avoid bad treatment and have a positive experience. Your network with your employers and students will grow stronger and we are here to help you in every step of the way.

Our model is simple!

Our model is simple. We introduce a good school to you. Help you to enjoy life in Korea. We want you to meet Korean people and learn Korean culture. We work hard. We have high standards for quality and service. We can save your time and help avoid needless frustration. We believe we can be an asset to you who have a desire to get out there into the world as they will benefit from the experience of relating to people from another culture, learn how to adapt to different diets, and climates, and of course the teacher will be able to earn a some tax free cash which can be used to pay off student loans.

We are based here in Korea and understand the Korean culture as well as how Korean bosses think and our teachers will have the benefit of our experience and guidance.

Best regards,
Inni Cho
CEO, co-founder

Job Open : Seoul area 72 / Others 54 Teachers 142