Steps to follow

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Steps to follow

The steps to follow

When you apply, we will contact you within 2-3 days and we will continue to help you step by step. This procedure takes 2-3 months. It depends on how quickly you prepare for the required documents.

  1. 1. Apply
  2. 2. Job Match
  3. 3. Interview
  4. 4. Sign on the contract
  5. 5. E2 visa procedure
  6. 6. Get the visa
  7. 7. Book the flight
  8. 8. Get on the plane and pick up

1. Apply

  • Submit an online application.

  • As soon as you apply, you should prepare the documents. That is the way to come to Korea quickly.

  • First, select the city, then choose the teaching level in order not to waste your time. If you are open to the city. we will give you the best offer we have.

2. Job Match

We start matching your qualification and needs to school's opening jobs. With jobs available almost every month, we are sure to provide you with an job offer within a week.

3. Interview

  • If you like the job offer we gave and want to interview with the school, we arrange skype or phone interview.

  • The interview takes about 10 minutes, and the school will see how your facial expressions, pronunciation, and how active you are. It's okay if you do not have enough experiences or qualifications. The school prefer an active and outgoing teacher who likes kids because you teach 5 to 16 year old children.

4. Sign on the contract

  • Once you and your potential school agree on the working condition, we will send you a contract for you to sign, scanned back to us. As we receive your signed contract, you make sure you deliver all of the required documents together with signed contract via Fedex to the school.

  • After the interview, we expect to hear your decision with 1-2 days. The quick decision is very important not to waste time.

5. E2 visa procedure

Your delivered documents will be submitted to Korea immigration Office to follow official procedure in order to issue E2 visa for you. Reviewing process will take about five business days. (be aware of any Korean holiday) Once they issue your visa, we will inform you the registered number so that you can follow up the procedure.

6. Get the visa

When you have visa number from us, get all necessary documents to the nearest Korea consulate and have your passport processed. It is always good idea to phone them first as you may not aware any Korean holiday or documents they might ask as well.

7. Book the flight

We will book a one-way ticket to Korea and send you e-ticket. You will also be informed any information in regards with pick-up procedure. Some schools provide the return ticket upon completion of the contract. So you should book your own flight to Korea.

8. Get on the plane and pick up

A designated personnel from your potential contractor will pick you up upon arrival and take you to your residence.

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